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Topcon DS101 1″ Series Robotic Total Station with FC-5000 Controller

A professional motorized total station, the DS is a mid-ranged positioning product for the construction professional who is
looking for productivity enhancement from servo motors and XPointing Technology.


£14,499.00 +VAT

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A professional motorized total station, the DS is a mid-ranged positioning product for the construction professional who is 
looking for productivity enhancement from servo motors and XPointing Technology.
Available in 1", 3" and 5"
The MAGNET™ on-board software has an intuitive interface to assist with staking out complex structures. 
This rugged waterproof designed total station has the latest technology of TSshield™ advanced security and maintenance, 
and exclusive LongLink™ communications.

You can work directly on the bright, color touchscreen or with the alpha-numeric keyboard, to achieve higher levels of 
production with MAGNET™ Field on-board software. The DS total station can be used on a wide variety of applications, 
from building layout to earthwork volumes, and land surveying.

Ultra-Powerful, Advanced EDM
The 1,000m (3,280 ft.) reflectorless measurement can be achieved with a smaller beam spot size. 
Measurements can be as fast as 0.9 seconds.

LongLink™ Communications
LongLink™ is used to communicate wirelessly with a field controller at the prism pole location, up to 300m away. 
Upgrade to auto-tracking performance for an economical robotic system.

Advanced Angle Accuracy
Topcon’s advanced angle encoder technology with exclusive calibration system provides “Best in Class” angle accuracy, 
up to 1-second (DS 101).

New Auto Collimation Xpointing™ Technology
The DS Series employing Xpointing™ technology features a new intelligent algorithm that automatically aims to the prism with 
precisely corrected angle readings. The Xpointing™ technology works even in dim or dark conditions where the prism can be 
difficult to find. Whatever the job requires and wherever operators must go, the the DS gets your job done faster, 
while maintaining accuracy.

EDM Trigger Key
The EDM trigger key is located in a perfect touch location. Simply press the key to measure a distance. The location of the key 
promotes angle stability. The key is waterproof and dustproof and can be used easily in cold weather with gloves.

Powerful & Rugged!
Topcon total stations are built to perform! Using the latest technology available, Topcon’s total stations are built to work! 
With an environment rating of IP65 you can have confidence your instrument will carry on working when it counts most, 
ensuring the highest level of productivity available! 
In comparison, the Leica TS 16 is only rated at IP55.
Utilising Topcon’s RC5 (GT/PS/DS200 Series) remote controller you can expect communication range up to 1.6km!!
Topcon DS Series Topcon PS Series Topcon GT Series
Magnet Field OnBoard Yes Yes Yes
Robotic Capable With AC Upgrade Yes Yes
Reflectorless Range 800m 800m 800m
Prism Range 5000m 6000m 6000m
RC5 Compatible No Yes Yes
Communication Range 300m 300m (1600m with RC5) 300m (1600m with RC5)
Modem On Board No No Yes
Warranty 1 Year 1 Year 3 Years
Environment Rating IP65 IP65 IP65
TS Shield Yes Yes Yes

A World’s First! New TSshield™
Topcon is proud to offer another World’s First technology in all DS Series total stations – TSshield™. Every instrument is equipped with a telematics based multi-function communications module providing the ultimate security and maintenance capabilities for your investment.

If your activated instrument is lost or stolen, you can send a coded signal to the instrument and disable it. This feature secures your total station anywhere in the world!

In the same module you have daily connectivity to cloud-based Topcon servers that can inform you of available software updates and firmware enhancements.

FC500 Field Controller
The FC500 boasts power and compactness with a 1GHz processor and 512mb of RAM in a handheld device. Packed with a sunlight readable display and benefits from the GNSS board that is in the TESLA, it becomes a handy, lighter GIS data collector.Light on the pole and fast in the hand, the FC500 is ideal for the busy site engineer that requires robust, fast kit. The FC500 comes with a quick release clamp mechanism to enable a fast detach from the pole if you need to take a picture of that manhole cover!
Tesla Field Controller
Topcon’s Tesla controller benefits from an 806 MHz PXA processor which can process data approximately 45% better than Leica’s CS15 Controller.With a 5.7” VGA touchscreen display, your field controller really does put your data on your pole!With its built in GNSS board, this unit comes in extremely handy for GIS applications and overlay your position in Magnet Field with a Bing Map.
FC5000 Field Controller
This controller puts a PC on your pole! Running Windows 10 and a Quad core Intel ® processor enabling you to interact with your data like never before! Don’t be fooled by its compact size, the FC5000 runs normal Windows based applications, unlocking the ability to even send your invoices from out in the field.Compared to Leica’s CS35, the FC5000 benefits from 2 hours more running time, an SD expansion slot (up to 128gb), 200g lighter, IP68 environment rating (the CS35 is IP65) and has an on-board GNSS board with 72 tracking channels (no option for this with a CS35)
With having the Windows 10 Operating System, our TechTeam can deliver the best level of support utilising online applications to see any issues you are having while in the field.
Topcon FC500 Topcon TESLA Topcon FC5000
Processor 1.0 GHz ARM Cortex A8 806mhz PXA320 Intel Atom Z3745
Operating System Windows Handheld 6.5 Windows Handheld 6.5.3 Pro Windows 10
Memory 512 mb, RAM 8GB Flash 256mb RAM, 4GB Flash 4gb RAM, 64gb/128 GB Storage
Display High Visibility Outdoor Backlit LCD VGA LCD WXGA LCD
GPS 32 GNSS channel, SBAS receiver 32 GNSS channel, SBAS receiver NEO-M8N GNSS Receiver
Camera 5mp Autofocus 3.2mp Autofocus 8mp Rear/2mp Front
Environment IP68 IP67 IP68
Dimensions 91mm x 184mm x 38mm 136mm x 220mm x 51mm 137mm x 215mm x 35mm
Weight 590g 998g 907g
Battery Life 20 Hours 16 Hours 8-10 Hours
Recharge Time 2 Hours 2 to 4 Hours 5 Hours
Bluetooth 2.1 EDR, Class 1.5 2.0 EDR, Class 1 v4 EDR, Class 1.5
Modem Optional Optional Optional








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