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C Scope 20m Plastic Pipe Tracer

£189.99 +VAT

  • Thin 6mm diameter suitable for narrow, complex plastic piping
  • Energised by Signal Generator to transmit 33kHz signal throughout the rod
  • Appropriate for both end and line tracing thanks to sonde technology


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C.Scope YIRPPT20-33 20m Plastic Pipe Tracer

The C.Scope YIRPPT20-33 20m Plastic Pipe Tracer was developed in response to demand from the British gas industry for a system of tracing small-diameter, non-metallic piping. The rod diameter is just 6mm and it can double back on itself with a radius of just 50mm so its ideal for thin, complicated pipework underground.

Working with C.Scope Cable Locators, the C.Scope YIRPPT20-33 can be energised by a Signal Generator to emit a constant 33kHz signal which is detectable from up to 4m away at the tip (3m on the line) through unique sonde technology. It is therefore suitable for both line and end tracing whilst depth measurement is also possible with a compatible locator.

In order to withstand water and chemicals often found in small-diameter plastic piping, the tracer rod has been constructed to IP68 ingress protection standard from chemical resistant plastic. The C.Scope YIRPPT20-33’s plastic reel is also very robust.

C.Scope part number: YIRPPT20-33

Key Features

  • Rod length: 20m
  • Rod diameter: 6mm
  • Signal frequency (with generator): 33kHz
  • Signal detection range: 4m at tip, 3m on line
  • Turning radius: 50mm
  • IP68 ingress protection
  • Chemical resistant plastic construction

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