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Leica Rugby 620 Self Levelling Exterior Laser

Increase your productivity in levelling applications with the Leica Rugby 620 construction laser. Designed for general contractors who mainly perform formwork and concrete applications, the Rugby 620 rotating laser level offers a professional but simple levelling solution with an outstanding price-to-quality-ratio. Forget about costly errors, rework or downtime thanks to the fully-automatic operation with the Leica Rod Eye receivers. Concrete pouring, formwork levelling, setting foundations and footings has never been more efficient.

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leica rugby 620 b 1 + s l400 + 34820 leica crl104 5m

Price for all three:   £779.00

£719.00 +VAT


The Leica Rugby 620 Laser Level is an excellent self-levelling horizontal and manual slope in one axis general construction laser level. This new laser squares, aligns and levels faster and easier than ever before increasing work performance by eradicating errors and downtime.

Foundations and footings work such as pad placement; framework levelling and concrete forming have never been more simple or efficient and all done quickly at the touch of a button.

The NEW Leica Rugby 620 laser level is tough, fast and part of the Leica 600 series range which are known for their suitability on all types of construction work. The Rugby 620 laser is protected to IP67 dust and water protected and has a glass cage, tough housing and rubber handles for grip to provide ultimate protection.

Enhance the Leica Laser Rugby 620 with additional plug and play accessories. Charge and use at the same time with the environmentally friendly A170 Solar Panel, power from a vehicle with a car charger or any battery with the 12v battery cable. Increase performance when used with a Rod Eye receiver such as the 140 Classic or 160 Digital.

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