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Nedo Industrial Line elevating tripod is designed especially for the use of 3D laser scanners. The laser scanner can be mounted either at the top or at the bottom of the elevating column ensuring maximum flexibility. When mounted at the top, the laser scanner can be easily lifted to the desired working height. The indirect gear unit allows for maximum convenience. For stability reasons, the maximum working height is limited to 4 m.
For shaft applications, the column can be turned and the laser scanner mounted at the bottom of the elevating column and inserted from above the shaft cover into the shaft compartment. The toothed rack extends to almost any length. Additional rack elements are inserted into the elevating head and securely connected to the previously inserted toothed rack element with the aid of an innovative locking device.
For even more comfort, the laser scanner can be lifted with a cordless power drill. A proper screw bit to replace the crank is supplied as a standard. Needles to say that the Industrial Line elevating tripod is equipped with a twist proof elevating column with centric clamping and combi tripod shoes for all-terrain use.

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Technical specifications:

  • Min. effective height approx. 1.12 m
  • Max. effective height approx. 5.00 m
  • Depth of shaft approx. 4.00 m
  • Retracted length approx.1.21 m
  • Holding screw: 5/8’’ thread
  • Tripod adapter: 3/8’’ thread
  • Weight approx. 8.9 kg
  • Tripod plate flat, Ø 110 mm
  • Tripod head and joints made of aluminium
  • Use of the laser scanner above and below the elevating tripod
  • mm graduation on telescopic tube
  • Twist proof elevating column with centric clamp
  • Suitable for shafts with a diameter of 205 cm
Ref.-No. 210710



For more than 115 years, Nedo Surveying Company has designed and manufactured smart measuring equipment of outstanding quality. Manufactured in Dornstetten, Germany and Switzerland, all Nedo brand products are made to exact specifications with a high amount of quality control. The reasons for their success is that Nedo products are innovative, offering first-class quality at reasonable prices; they're dependable with a persuasively attractive design. Nedo caters for customers requirements, by focusing on customers needs during the very first steps in the design of new equipment. Nedo Company not only wants to satisfy customers, they want to excite customers.
nedo 2


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