Nedo Steel PVC Coated Ranging Pole 2m

nedo 2

£11.98 +VAT

Nedo Steel ranging poles with fluorescent PVC coating. All Nedo ranging poles are made of Steel,with PVC coating . Nedo ranging poles are used in any situation involving surveying and marking. They are carefully made of high-quality materials. Permanent quality controls guarantee the well known Nedo quality.

Nedo Steel PVC Coated Ranging Pole 2m £11.98 +VAT
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For more than 115 years, Nedo Surveying Company has designed and manufactured smart measuring equipment of outstanding quality. Manufactured in Dornstetten, Germany and Switzerland, all Nedo brand products are made to exact specifications with a high amount of quality control. The reasons for their success is that Nedo products are innovative, offering first-class quality at reasonable prices; they're dependable with a persuasively attractive design. Nedo caters for customers requirements, by focusing on customers needs during the very first steps in the design of new equipment. Nedo Company not only wants to satisfy customers, they want to excite customers.
nedo 2

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