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LATEST OFFERS: In Stock now, NEDO Lasers - Click Here for more info

davit arm systemA Davit Arm System is used for instances where there is a need for a confined space entry. These areas don’t usually have a primary means of access. Where there is no room for a ladder, step irons or tripod, a davit arm system is what you need. The emergency services also use these systems for rescue in confined spaces.

The system works by lowering the operative into the confined space, therefore enabling them to undertake their work. Likewise they can be brought back up to safety when their work is done. Davit Arm Systems are extremely safe as they have two back up features. The first is the man-riding winch. It features a built in fall arrest safety brake and brake wear indicator. While the second feature is a separate recovery block.

You can choose from either a permanent or portable configuration for a davit arm system.


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