Vivax Metrotech vScan GPS

£525.00£1,345.00 +VAT

Key Features of the vScan Receiver with GPS

  • Versatile Modes: Supports both passive and active locating options.
  • GPS Integration: Enables advanced utility mapping and data accuracy.
  • Custom Safety: Offers personalized alerts with self-tests for 100% detection functionality.
  • Metal Detector: Built in


Vivax Metrotech vScan GPS £525.00£1,345.00 +VAT
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Introducing the vScan Receiver with GPS by Vivax-Metrotech: a groundbreaking utility detection instrument engineered to simplify the complex task of identifying underground utilities. Convenience and economy are part of its blueprint, ensuring that both experts and beginners can harness its extensive capabilities. Featuring a variety of modes designed for both passive and active detection, a luminous display coupled with real-time alerts, and customizable safety configurations, this tool emerges as your go-to equipment for accurate, reliable, and safe utility mapping.

Essential Characteristics and Controls

Multiple Modes for Various Applications

The vScan Receiver with GPS offers an unmatched array of modes to locate utilities. It provides Power and Radio settings for passive identification, and when the situation calls for active detection, it supports 33kHz and 131kHz frequencies with an optional add-on transmitter.

Unmatched Sensitivity and Usability

The device is equipped with a rotary control for adjusting sensitivity and features a paddle mechanism for easy navigation and mode selection. Navigate diverse utilities with precision that is truly unparalleled.

Bright Display with Instant Notifications

The equipment incorporates a high-contrast LCD display with backlight features, ensuring that critical data is always visible. The vScan Receiver with GPS offers immediate alerts, visualized on the screen and paired with tactile vibrations in the apparatus for varied warnings such as Signal Excessive, Shallow Pipelines, and others.

Business Use Cases

The vScan Receiver with GPS is not just another instrument; it’s a comprehensive system that addresses the needs of multiple industries. Here’s a list of 10 relevant industry applications:

  • Construction: Accurate identification of utilities for initial site preparation.
  • Oil and Gas: Secure and precise mapping of underground pipe networks.
  • Telecommunications: Detection of hidden telecom cables before digging.
  • Public Services: Locating sewer lines, water supplies, and other municipal utilities.
  • Emergency Services: Quick utility mapping in crisis recovery situations.
  • Geographical Analysis: Ensuring no utilities are disrupted during terrain mapping.
  • Transport Infrastructure: Maintenance of highways and railway systems without affecting utilities.
  • Environmental Surveys: Identifying hidden utilities during ecological risk assessments.
  • Renewable Energy Projects: Safe identification of subterranean utilities before starting operations.
  • Mining Industry: Recognizing utility networks for uninterrupted mining projects.

Safety Protocols and Notifications

Tailored Security Options

The vScan Receiver with GPS comes loaded with flexible settings for alarms and notifications. Choose from visual, auditory, or tactile alerts as per your preference. In addition, the tool conducts self-checks and calibration validation to ensure 100% detection functionality, offering complete peace of mind.

Comprehensive Safety Warnings and Alerts

From Signal Overload Warnings around electrical transformers to Shallow Cable and Swing Alarms, the vScan Receiver with GPS offers a holistic set of safety features to assist you in the field. These alerts deliver real-time information but never interfere with your detection task.

Versatility and User-Friendliness

Adapted to Your Needs

The vScan Receiver with GPS is available in multiple versions to cater to all kinds of scenarios. Additional features can include a metal manhole locator, GPS, and Bluetooth capabilities. Each package comes in a capacious canvas carrying pouch that accommodates all your gear.

Minimal Learning Required

Its main functionalities and operational controls are consistent with industry standards, making it simple for new users to become proficient swiftly.

Additional Features for Added Convenience

Economical Additions

The vScan Receiver with GPS comes equipped with “The Dragon,” a lead kit that erases tangled wires, and durable rechargeable Lithium-ion batteries for long-lasting functionality.

Advanced Data Management

The MyvScan software provides varied methods to sort, categorize, and generate report templates. Data can be archived or transferred in a range of formats such as .xls, .csv, .kml, .jpg, .pdf, and more.

Secure and Customizable

Personalize the device with owner/user information and employ an optional lockout device for enhanced safety and control.

Timely Maintenance and Updates

Utilize the Scheduler feature for timely upkeep reminders and keep your tool’s software current through MyvScan.


The vScan Receiver with GPS transcends being a mere utility locating tool; it’s a comprehensive solution designed for those who seek the highest levels of accuracy, adaptability, and safety. Whether you’re an industry veteran or a newcomer, this tool is designed to meet every specific need. Elevate your utility identification and avoidance activities with the vScan Receiver with GPS today.


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