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LATEST OFFERS: In Stock now, NEDO Lasers - Click Here for more info

Digital theodolite hire is a cost effective idea. A theodolite is a telescope which is mounted on a base. An electronic readout screen displays horizontal and vertical angles. Digital theodolites are convenient because the digital readouts create more accurate readings.

A theodolite combines a spirit level, an optical plummet and graduated circles to find vertical and horizontal angles in surveying.  The optical plummet finds the vertical point. While the internal spirit level makes sure the device is level to the horizon. The graduated circles, one vertical and one horizontal, allow the user to survey for angles.

As well as their use in surveying, theodolites can also be useful in many applications.

With an internal magnifying optical system, theodolites have many advantages when compared to other leveling instruments. They offer greater accuracy with electronic readings. Therefore repeat readings are unnecessary.

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